Sunshine Sunday Brunch

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To start the day a little later or after that long awaited sunday morning sleep-in with melons pears grapes strawberries romaine lettuce with two poached eggs that can be topped with ripe succulent tomatoes or separate as you like, will  brighten your morning. Oh I forgot to mention  this sunday brunch like all my morning breakfast dishes comes after you just completed your morning exercises to really get that appetite moving. Thats the beauty of whole fresh live foods they keep you refreshed and may I add, depression free, In the little glass is an almond milk smoothie. No black coffee sugar and boxed cereals washed down with artificial canned, frozen or bottled juices, for us. Enjoy Recipe

Fresh fruit as shown, romaine lettuce fresh ,tomatoes melon and what ever you like to add.

Organic brown eggs poached. I do not fry scramble or do any fancy preparation with eggs. Eggs are a good source of lecithin vitamins and protein, and best combined with fruits.  I also love to add avocado and thin slices ok Kiwi

Almond Milk Smoothie

Hand full of almonds (about 15) cashews, pecans and walnuts (about 5 or 6 total) blend well add rice milk and couple pieces of fruit from the fruit mix,, blend and serve

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Dr Organic John Calella

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