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    “The Power of Enough: Therapy in the Kitchen”, by Dr. John Calella, combines the best of health...
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    Our goal is to work within the structure to develop a stronger more confident individual willing to...
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    Dr. John Calella and his son Julien talk organic lasagna and introduce Calella Organics. This is the...

John Calella

Dr. John Calella

My life’s journey has been to combine the love, the joy of eating and the deliciousness that came from my Italian grandmother’s kitchen with the wisdom and knowledge of the hygienic systems approach to health and healing that I learned from my Uncle Vincent. He taught me that your food must not only be your joy but your main source of nutrition as well as your medicine.

About John

The Power of Enough

The Power of Enough ends the dichotomy between mind and body that the Western World has artificially created, making it possible to experience the body holistically as one functioning integrated system, nurturing the food and thoughts we ingest...

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Therapy in the Kitchen

New book: "Power of Enough: Therapy in the Kitchen" combines the best of health food and delicious taste, so we can learn to eat for enjoyment and optimum health simultaneously...

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