I Feel Like A Neanderthal

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Iv been sitting in front of this computer for two hours trying to figure out how to place the image of the Quick Lovers Delight recipe onto this blog. Why, because I cant figure out the one missing one step. Iv exhausted all sorts of combinations and that missing step is still missing. Iv called my son in my usual state of panic, “Julien I cant figure out the missing step”. Im always calling him at all hours in panic and as usual he tried so hard to guide me through the steps but the missing step remained missing.Finally frustration took over and i was reduced to infantile paralysis. Here how it goes, papa to son “I cant find the missing step”, Son replays; “Papa I showed you how to copy and paste the recipe to your blog so many times”, papa replies; “I know son but somehow that missing step keeps on missing”. Boom, I reduced to wearing diapers.
Everyone plz be patient for I am slowly walking along the path of becoming a techie and after I figure out the missing step I will fill the Internet with delicious nutritious fun to make recipes and how to prepare for the unexpected.I am looking forward to producing my own videos with my son Julien and my daughter Isadora and boy I cant wait for the hundreds and hundreds of “papa we showed you this so many times” to come.
I love the way son treats me its all out of love. I am really not complaining just having fun . He really has lots of patience with me but most of all he knows Ill get it. The picture of the recipe is coming to the next blog, so plz stay tuned.

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Dr Organic John Calella

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