“The Power of Enough: Therapy in the Kitchen”

Power of Enough: Therapy in the Kitchen combines the best of health food and delicious taste, so we can learn to eat for enjoyment and optimum health simultaneously.

Our bodies have a symbiotic relationship with plant life; we are a part of Nature, constructed from the elements of the environment as much as we are society’s children; therefore the ingredients in the Garden are our sources of life and nourishment. The ideal way of combining these foods for wonderful tastes, nutritional benefits and delightful flavors is what I call Salade. It’s a way of inquiring into the inherent wisdom of plant life, in fruits, nuts and grains, in order to learn how to combine that wisdom with the chemical intelligence of our bodies.

The foods we eat must not only be digested well but also absorbed and utilized by the cells to build healthy blood and feel the joy of eating.

Organic John allow us to have it all as we learn the difference between appetite and hunger, the joy of eating and feasting with the foods we love and the foods that love us.

Since the advent of civilization, humans have been preoccupied with satisfying the appetite with little thought for the nutritional contents of the food being eaten. We eat from appetite, not from hunger. We eat with our egos not from our bodies. If instead, we eat solely for nutrition, we eat much less and waste virtually nothing, but without joy. With my method, which I call Salade, we can combine both the satisfaction of the appetite and nutrition and enjoy it creatively.

—from the Introduction

It is a fool’s game to believe we can continuously throw into our bodies whatever we think we might like, or what taste good at any time of the day or night and in whatever combination we choose. There’s no signal in the body for when to shut down junk food. So you overeat, and the body is over-stimulated by eating all these de-nurtured, unnatural foods that are fried, deformed and saturated in fats and preservatives—the things that “taste good” but are destructive to your body and mind. There are verifiable and powerful reasons why our eating habits force us to spend billions of dollars on antacids and potions to solve gastro-intestinal problems, and food supplements that satisfy nothing and cause more harm than benefits.

Salade provides a sensual experience that leaves you full of vitality. The same thing that feeds the body feeds the human mind. They work symbiotically together. How efficiently your body digests, absorbs and utilizes the nutrients can influence the way you think. You begin to attain agility of mind and body so you can live life to the fullest.

When we integrate the way we think, the way we eat, and the way we live with others and ourselves we experience an inner joy and a sense of harmony. We can end gluttony, which is really eating to satisfy unconscious frustrations. We learn the power of enough and find ourselves on the road to becoming a more authentic human beings.

You can eat the foods you love and by following the guidelines in this book you will benefit greatly from the nutrition your body requires to lead you comfortably on this journey called life. Once you have provided the body with the nutrients it requires, the mind will find its own peace and tranquility. That’s how the mind and the body dance well together.

Inside are 210 complete recipes.

In this book you will learn:

  • the importance of acid/alkaline balance and how to achieve it
  • 10 flavors of nutrition
  • the world beneath the skin
  • how to escape Thoughts Without an Exit
  • how to construct Bridges Between Our Contradictions
  • Know the Power of Our Limitations
  • Learn the Psychology of Acceptance
  • the Power of Enough

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