Rice And Quinoa In A Bed Of Spinach

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Eating delicious nutritious foods is like being hugged by your mother and father as a child and you what, you will never receive a diagnosis of ADHD. Thats what I love about the Organic John recipes it like being hugged by delicious and nutritious as I tease the foods just enough to bring out its flavors without loosing the nutrients that are so alive in the foods. I would like to add that all my cooked recipes are accompanied with a creative Organic John salade, but thats for another blog.

I really loved preparing the Rice Quinoa dish topped with onions shallots finely chopped yellow squash and spinach with its companion arugula salade with tofu ( tofu can be slightly cooked) cucumbers, avocado, black and green olives (tomatoes optional)  slightly covered in a lime-ginger olive oil dressing.

Rice Quinoa Recipe

Cook Rice and Quinoa in a Japanese rice cooker until cooked

Cook onions shallots and finely chopped yellow squash in the Calella broth,with liquid amino until cooked

remove pan from the burner add spinach, cover pan for 1minute until spinach is ever so slightly cooked. do not mix the spinach with cooked vegetables remove spinach and sprinkle with olive oil.

mix the cooked veggies, thoroughly  with the grains and than top the grains with the spinach to make the dish look delicious.

Arugula Salade preparation is above.

I will explain the Calella broth in my next blog. Tune In next week

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Dr Organic John Calella

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