When I had the courage, Id drive around the city, listening to my radio. There’s good music in San Francisco and good talk shows, too. My favorite talk program was Organic John’s “Beside The Garden Wall”.

Spalding Gray, Author, Actor and Satirist

To say John Calella is well informed is not enough. He will continually surprise you with bits of valuable information, references or colorful insights during the time you least expect them. Often his spontaneous answers to callers reveal the real depth of his knowledge. His cookbook, Cooking Naturally, which is a beautiful format and unobtrusive way, points readers toward a healthier, vegan diet and supplies a host of delicious recipes.

Bruce Henderson, author of Oakland Organic

Organic John introduced me to the many wonders to be had when tripping around Natures Garden as well as his creative flare for vegetarian cooking. I have been inspired by his lifestyle and on the spot imaginative delights he can prepare in no time at all. His cooking and holistic thoughts about exercise nutrition and alternative health modalities are both informative and challenging.

Simone De Winter of Greenbrae Ca

The joy of dining at the Villa Aubergine with our dear friend Organic John is not just a visual experience but a vegan and Italian Vegetarian gourmet feast. His many dishes from soups, salads, and imaginative creative vegetable of all shades and colors, or his many delightful pastas dishes with red and green sauces covered with fresh mushrooms, sweet onions prepared in his special Calella Broth with garlic and herbs or grains and greens or other exotic preparations is a real treat for those who love to eat.

Karen and Peter Naroudny of Shady Lane, Ca