Organic John Therapy

Dr. John Calella

Therapy is a creative experience in reframing old patterns of thoughts and behavior. The goal of therapy is to find meaning in your life and have the courage to accept yourself and your family history free from blame and guilt and to experience this you must have a healthy body. I say this from years of experience having my own practice as a psychotherapist.

I have learned and experienced that life presents us with many unexpected challenges and to have the courage and the strength to move on you must be in harmony with your body. Preparing ourselves to meet life’s challenges we often forget that a healthy body gives birth to a healthy mind. It appears to me that we live in our body and experience life through the mind and when the body suffers the mind suffers and when the mind suffers the body suffers, they are interconnected. It is my understanding that it is not mind over matter but rather matter over mind for if there is no matter there is no mind. With this thought in mind we combine Dr John Calella, psychotherapist, with Organic John.

Nutritional Thoughts

As we unravel complex thought patterns and disturbing behavior I offer cleansing programs nutritious recipes and exercises to strengthen our resolve and nourish our bodies. I work with clients experiencing life’s challenges:

  • Pre and post divorce issues
  • Pre marriage concerns
  • Families in crisis
  • Couples who love and have difficulty showing it
  • Individuals who lost touch with their hearts
  • How to enjoy your life
  • How to enjoy cooking and eating healthy, nutritious foods