Ok Brussels Sprouts

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Ok, Brussels Sprouts is Ok. I gave these much to often neglected cabbage family vegetables top billing because they are so delicious when prepared in lemon juice, Braggs liquid amino, Calella broth, garlic and rice milk, cooked and topped with yellow squash and brown mushrooms. The Japanese eggplant is there for effect but the pasta covered in a red and pesto green sauce with shallots and capers, completes the meal.





  • Brussel sprouts steamed to soften
  • place in a warm skillet with Braggs liquid amino, Calella broth and rice mil
  • chop 1 shallot, 1 clove garlic lower flame cook until desired
  • when cooked add squeeze of lemon, olive oil
  • leave mushrooms whole slice squash thin and cook together with the brussels sprouts in the last few minutes, garnish dish

The Pasta

  • when steaming the brussels sprouts add a whole tomato, remove when soft
  • hand squeeze tomato in the pasta bowl, add olive oil and let sit
  • in a warm skillet add Calella broth, 1- clove of garlic (optional) and a table spoon of capers.
  • when hot add pesto, either store bought or made at home.( I do not buy the store pesto because of the added preservatives cheese and salt)  Stir well remove from flame and in the skillet add the Pasta.
  • mix well than add to the steamed tomato. mix and serve.

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Dr Organic John Calella

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