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I love living it is really as my father called it a Carousel ride. What I love about life is the way we are transformed without knowing it into a multitude of characters. I don’t know about you but I can remember felling like some scripted character in a play I hadn’t rehearsed for wondering how I got there. Tragedy feels like being lost on the stage directed by other peoples ambitions and expectations. Comedy is the joy, the wonderful feeling of choosing your character, preparing for the unexpected and riding on that Carousel. The character I have chosen is the Fool why because the Fool takes nothing serious but sees the seriousness in everything. And frankly the Fool knows that without respect for yourself and others and a commitment to live consciously there is no sunshine to nurture the best relationship we can ever have; living and being our authentic self.

I have cycled through  Organic John. Ill keep you posted on my next Tuesday Blog

and Ill add two recipes.

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Dr Organic John Calella

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