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During the late sixties through the eighties that wonderful era of Hippie joy I developed a character called Organic John. Through the knowledge I have acquired as O.J. I was able to make the transition from being everyones something to being my own person. I started the first vegetarian catering service, converted grandmas old world Italian cuisine into a gourmet vegetarian feast, hosted the first vegetarian cook show on Viacom cable vision and the Organic John radio show on KEST am for twelve years. In the early seventies I wrote a wonderful cook book that is still circulated today called Cooking Naturally. I lectured on Socio-Cybeneering, Food combing, Polarity, Alternative medicine practices and my favorite topics Mind and Body as one healing system and how Social and Environmental conditions influence the way we nourish our bodies, shape our thoughts and influence how we treat ourselves and others.

My curiosity for learning continued to flourish delving deeper into the conditions that influenced the human mind. I went back to college and studies in the behavioral sciences earning a PH.D in psychology. I have my own practice in Mill Valley, Ca. and a degree in divorce mediation a field that I find fascinating. I have had the pleasure of working with Dr Howard Kornfeld, a fine doctor specializing in pain and addiction medicine and through that practice I became convinced that without a healthy body the mind suffers.

I have combined the best of Organic John and Dr. Calella with the intention of hosting a series of videos on conscious living; how to make cooking fun delicious and healthy, and be a better friend to yourself and others.The combination of mind and body as one healing system.

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Dr Organic John Calella

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